"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Saturday, February 26, 2011



done right! Not my usual color, but hard to resist the sexiness of a primordial myth.
Blood, thorns, fog, darkness, forbidden love, the cave, the hole, the teeth- grrr-owl!
"In the Light there is no judgment- only love. Cross over!"
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today that anyone who advises a president to send a large U.S. army to change a third-world regime “should have his head examined.”

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The Secretary also noted in another uncommonly honest and biting comment that in Washington, D.C. "A large number of people seem to be lost in thought, likely because it remains such unfamiliar territory."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Remember that it is the courtesy of Deep Heaven to always take you for intending better than you knew...!"

-C.S. Lewis, Space Trilogy

Aldermania 07/011 Denouement... four years after

You probably heard that Joe Moore won last night, with over 72% of the vote. A far cry from four years ago.
Over 9500 people voted. The opponent was a glengary glen ross- type slick character with a knack for masking cynicism as thoughtful policy. Moore won handily because he changed his tune entirely after the last election.
As the City steadily cut services he started doing things you all told me four years ago were missing, and that we assured people we would do.
There's now an excellent website and email notice system here. Moore goes to train stops and even Dunkin' Donuts four times a year to actually ask people for input. He fought like hell and together we almost pulled off a Boys and Girls Club for local kids- and that may yet happen. There's a new farmers market and the first participatory budgeting process in America. Then there's the new staff...(no more Nibbler!)
The list goes on, but all of it was either promised to us specifically in exchange for endorsing Moore in the runoff we forced, or came about as he chased our ideal of energy and innovation trying to connect with human beings on their level. So...
This was our victory.
We had a vision- not some slogan about 'change we can believe in' but specific plans we knew would rock in this community. In more than a thousand meetings these past four years I've thought over and again about what we were together and the picture we painted for real people. They still talk about our campaign- someone said just a couple weeks ago: “You all were incredible”.
A nationally- known campaign professional told me: “You had no real record, no money, the worst ballot position and frankly the worst political name I've ever seen short of bin Laden- how the hell did you guys figure out how to do this?”
Still not sure exactly how we did it, but since then I've used your skills to push our style on a local government that badly needed it.
For the last four years I've persisted like Terry walking that train platform bareheaded in the blowing snow as he chipped away at voter's skepticism and indifference. I've tried to be as honest and outspoken as Francis, and as pensive as Tom can't help but be. I've crafted each message as though Tara were reminding me that “how you say this matters at least as much as what you say,” and when it all became a confusing morass I tried to boil it down into one cogent yet palatable thought like Chris taught me. When people gave me credit for stuff I thought about Monica's studious avoidance of glory-seeking, and tried to be humble. And when the rejection was at its nastiest (and believe me that happened), I always thought about Kathy saying: 'This is bullshit! You're right. They're wrong. Don't even think about backing down!'
We've mostly drifted into other things, and 'Ginderske 2007' is ancient history really. But besides the enormous personal gratitude that I feel to each of you, you should know that in the end, we achieved much of what we set out to do. Certainly Joe has done some things that we would have handled differently, but there is no way he would have gained 22 points in four years unless he was kicking ass in a serious way. Moore did it by doing what we promised, and the governance we designed ended up as the new standard here. Not all of it, of course but a lot of it and clearly the spirit (if not our unique Attitude.)
People frequently tell me that I'm the reason Joe changed his ways. I tell them that we were the most incredible team, and that money couldn't buy better passion and skills. Its the obvious truth.
FYI, that health center we organized- while campaigning- has now seen over 10,000 patients. Roughly 82% live below the poverty line, and three quarters of the adults are uninsured.
We didn't 'win' the election or fix the world, but we changed it a little for the better. You were our brain, guts, heart, and definitely our soul. A lot of lives improved some because of your hard work and sacrifice, including my own. For them, and from me,
Thank you.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


As I type this, and as I felt from the Universe yesterday, pretty amazing how much shit I AM holding together and doing even when some things seem to go awry...!? Unity always says to remember from the 23rd Psalm: "yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me..."- the key point often missed being that it doesn't say death... it says the 'shadow of death' suggesting that even our worst-appearing trials are often, if we step outside our own minds, nothing but shadows and illusions. They are in fact unreal. Death happens some day and then the next step- but what we cannot let drive our lives is the fear of fearing death. Somehow, I think I needed to share these words with you today...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-film version...

Even though one could likely gain equal benefit from just eating the pizza from Naples and skipping the other two "I's," this remains a good one...

" "

-Elizabeth Gilbert,
Eat, Pray, Love

A Gay Take On It-

" "

-Will Roscoe, Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Divine Masculine/Neoplatonic Rant

I can only make glamorous and shining and worship that which for me was lacking... in the past and in my ancient self. For me this was the boy, the man, the strength, the thought, the beauty, the affection of all that is Male... women loved me, raised me, encouraged me- my gratitude for their grounding in the "real" is immense. But what I sought and seek is Inspiration... it does not come from mothers, virgins or goddesses for me, but rather from the delight of Man- the courage of Alexander, the love of David, the liberating transcendence of Christ which draws beyond family. But not the men of this fractured, self-indulgent and puny age, but of man proud, powerful and lighting fire to the expanding cosmos- giving birth to ideas and valiant actions in his way. Neither the way of inward-looking nurture, or of outward-seeking conquest, but of humankind's finest and most complete expression- that of being through Exploration. >discuss<

Arc of History...

... to the present moment.

For one of my Divine Mothers- Deborah...

" "

The man is an utter, under-rated genius. Piles of books, myriad systems of thought, multiple disciplines, Waldorf schools to explore... and the solid marble foundation for true Christianity's place in history building over the millennia to prepare the way for the unobstructed, undefiled and complete connection of the individual to God and the fountains of his grace described by Ms. Cady below.

-from Rudolph Steiner, Christianity As Mystical Fact

" "

Aside from being the foundation stone of the Unity Church movement, this volume is quite possibly the greatest book ever written on "Christ within" due to the fact it dares to transform- fully. Put your Kierkegaard, Chardin, even Augustine back on the shelf for the time it takes to read this quick volume which unites Old and New Testament ideas of god's Spirit at work like no other. Amazing power is unleashed when the ancient fear is removed from the process of healing. From an unlikely and gentle source, there is enough here if believed and properly put to use to bring down the imprisoning and soul-withering walls of hypocrisy and fundamentalism rampant today quicker than the trumpets brought down Jericho. Read!

-from Dr. H. Emilie Cady, Complete Works

Love as Revolution? or not-

Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer or Reason usurps its place and governs the unwilling. And being restrained, it by degrees becomes passive, till it is only the shadow of desire. Some of us have fallen in love with the pleasure of loving without reserve - passionately enough to offer our love the magnificent bed of revolution. The Revolution of Everyday Life, Raoul Vaneigem

this quote is really interesting... the whole "bed of revolution" part...

is there some space left for the romantic or even eternal there? what is the lover trying to revolt against- himself? and does that not make the other but a convenient tool for the expression of his aggressive will or craving of power rather than a true lover/friend/fellow human being?

often times i find the repressed passion argument is just an intellectual excuse for applying Sade, Freud, Darwin and Nietzche to justify sex w no attachment, which in my experience usually means the cute smart edgy guy you're with is really just another queer allergic to love and trying to hide it under the veneer of an often times derivative and ultimately unsatisfying structure of life and the universe.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

In case I didn't mention it...

A great reading selection from a classy intelligent queer who was wildly ahead of his time and still managed to nourish his Soul with the higher concepts:

Mortal Beauty, God's Grace

Major Poems and Spiritual Writings

Gerard Manley Hopkins

(MBGG- what more could one really ask for?)

Double Sunshine

Wednesday, February 2, 2011