"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

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AIDS Bigots & The War On Singles and Pussycats...

Sermon o' da Day-

I don't think your faith or spiritual direction is lame! Quite the contrary- I do think that especially after my Unity years, for me, any focus on the "fallen nature" concept- even if true- is unproductive. "And ye shall become new creatures in Christ Jesus!" minus old baggage. If that old stuff has to be constantly revisited and redeemed over and over again, isn't that a denial of the power of the Cross? Wouldn't Jesus weep at our lack of gentleness with ourselves? That's the vertical/horizontal bit a bit- even though it came through the atheist nihilist to me- "that ye may know the depth, and width, and breadth, and height of God's love." That's not utopia- that's four-dimensional reality a la Star Trek & Who! lol You are fabulous! You express your love to family, friends and lil patients constantly. That is not fallen- any hint of that is negative conditioning which makes us hard on ourselves and hard on others. I will be tolerant- but realize that is my point- excessive judgment (even and more importantly of ourselves) is distraction, not the path to redemption! Think about our mother- aye carumba! I see her and that heavy burden of perceived goodness like a weight dragging her into the grave, and I think, Goodness isn't heavy!? I don't find goodness heavy- I find it liberating. It's faith not a sack of stones. "Come unto me all who labor and are heavily laden and I will give you rest." Not a list of tasks or requirements or accomplishments to gain worthiness but REST/peace. Bring it on Jesus!! The next world troubles me not, but living in this one chafes my ass. There is nothing but the Divine so Blessed Be!

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Austin Scarlett

More than my usually desired level of quoif- but hard to ignore AS... my preference would be a day at the farm scene with him in overalls, slightly mussed hair, a day or two of scruff and a sprig of wheat dangling from his overly pink, supple and inviting lips. Then some NYC glamorama!

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Interesting to ponder this physical manifestation of an emotional or even spiritual sensation...


Natural Selection

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Can you please take me off your email

I worked furiously for Obama to get
elected and while I admire him
personally, the Democratic party has
utterly failed in leadership to govern
banks, help the jobless, bring
universal single-payer health
strike down don't ask don't tell
executive order and intelligently
and shrewdly expose and discredit
the radical right as the hypocritical
hate-mongers they are as well as the
Catholic church for it's predation on
while judging others and bring
some civility
to America. Guantanamo
Bay remains a fascist
prison camp and
no prosecutions
for war crimes have
been brought against
the previous
brutally corrupt administration.

Contrary to you election promise, all we
have gotten is little change and we can
barely believe it.

Stop sending emails, stop asking for
money, stop worry about elections-
you control both houses of Congress
and the Presidency as bully-pulpit and
you take no advantage of any of it
to bring just causes before the people.
Read up on Ronald Reagan- he did it.
Or Teddy Roosevelt- or Franklin for that
matter! Or Bill Clinton...

Put somebody up there to fillabuster
something bad like Jimmy Stewart
Mr. Smith. He was fictional and still sets
a better example of courage and principle.

Find a pill that grows spines and give it
to every Democratic member of Congress!
Your opponents have awful ideas, but they
have some courage and don't give a rat's ass
what the media or anyone else thinks-
and they succeed with their warped agenda
as George Bush did for 8 poisonous years.
Why can't YOU harness some of this kind of
stubborn, dogged determination to fight for
the good ideas? Why can't you include
small businesses and non-profits
in the
dialogue of how to make the government
successful and productive instead of being
stuck in your pseudo-intellectual dream world?
Speak frankly, offer a vision and ask
for respect, discipline and sacrifice!

Just DO it!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Keith, angry soon to be
independent voter, awaiting the
Progressive Tea Party to form and
kick the Big Donkey in the ass!!

Please feel free to forward along to
the President and Congressional

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On Oct 2, 2010, at 5:38 PM, "Jeremy Bird, BarackObama.com" wrote:

> Chris --
> According to our records, you live in Illinois -- and there's a crucial deadline approaching there. You have just three days left to register to vote if you're planning to mail it in -- your registration must be postmarked by this Tuesday, October 5th.
> After the mail-in deadline, Illinois also has grace period registration and voting from October 6th to October 26th. This is available at your local election authority and on select public universities, but it may require that you vote at the same time you register.
> If there has been any change in your status or eligibility since the last election -- did you move? change your name? turn 18? -- you likely need to register in order to cast a ballot this fall.
> We've got all the information you'll need about how to register at our voting information site, www.RaiseYourVote.com.
> Register to vote
> Registering by mail is a very easy process -- but it's absolutely essential that you do it by Tuesday, October 5th, in order to cast your vote this year.
> Confirm your eligibility to vote, and register if you haven't yet done so:
> www.RaiseYourVote.com
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
> Jeremy Bird
> Deputy Director
> Organizing for America>
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