"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh the miles to glory really nothing to me
And so love here we are invisible again
No I won't ever ask for your surrender
Though religion in choruses again
But it won't leave me desolate and angry
Are there no poets in politics again?
See the window upon the free world closing slowly
Poor man crawl upon your bony knees again
No I won't ever ask for your surrender
Holy roller in passion play again
Oh this day that I don't care to remember
Though religion in choruses again
Imagine how it goes, I believe in sweet surrender
I feel old as a dying rose in embers
Are there no poets in politics again?

ERASURE- from Nightbird

Delightfully Vyle~


356 and counting...




... lucky Aquarius that I am as I hit my 40th anniversary, I get to share 2008 with the 40th year of Star Trek- which has kept me company and kept me inspired by the power of human transcendence probably better than almost anything else in my darkest of dark doubting hours. No shit! Perhaps JJ Abrams with his slick directorial hand will finally himself transcend the nerd barrier and make just a great film. Globally, in politics, religion and society 2008 should hopefully be the beginning of a time of returning to the basic ideals that preserve us- reinvented for an extraordinary future.



Sunday, January 27, 2008


I think that if some pride could be swallowed, and if Barack nicely asked John Edwards to be his running mate, they could deprive Hillary of the votes needed to continue and so much for the gruesome and gruelling primary season. This combo would provide a fresh breath of hope along with some strong experience. Barack has laid out a new vision of foreign policy and Edward's resonating economic platform based on the idea of the "two Americas" sync up well to restore faith in the system for all at home and credibility to our much-maligned leadership abroad. The Midwest and the South are also a powerful pairing for success. Best of all, they could seal the nomination, remove the lightening rod of Democratic failure that is Hillary when she is faced off against the radical right, and they could seem by contrast both as truer agents of change while remaining moderate enough to retain the commonsensical support of a majority of American voters. They can effectively transcend the side-tracking question of race and appoint lots of women to high-level positions. Lastly, they could save a fortune in campaign money, intelligently target the rest solely at the Republicans and force a campaign that is based on issues of real importance... far better than "who's black/who's female/who's black and female enough"- which at this stage of the game is both infantile and boring. It's also a much better counter to "who loves Jesus best," replacing offensive rhetoric with some legitimate "do unto others" ideas that translate into policies that can move America more quickly in the direction of equality, justice and general prosperity. Hopefully, when the voices of reason speak with a combined and eloquent voice, the loony fire and brimstone flag-wavers will appear ever more irrelevant with each passing day. Away with thee!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


"No matter how ugly and vulgar a thing is, it is more vulgar and ugly not to be knowledgeable about it." -Arsiccio Intronato

Although this quote comes from a work that is unique in the history of Renaissance writings for its lewd bawdiness, I have always rather felt the same way as the author about the important power of experience. I still hold out with the Greeks that moderation is the best way to avoid slipping into self-defeating depravity of some sort. However, I also think that there is something left out of the discussion about a central New Testament concept concerning being "in the world, but not of it," involving a grave misreading of this idea. A prohibition against 'experiencing' that attempts to protect the eternal soul from the outward effects of the world in fact serves an opposite and insidious purpose that is little discussed in any study of the Bible. Namely, the notion that the power of Spirit is not strong enough to truly resist and counter the genuinely evil forces of the world, so Christians are taught to cheat through hiding out and retrenching amongst themselves and avoiding having experience of the world. Quite the opposite, they should be relying openly and securely on the alternative and always transcending power of Spirit active in their souls. Their belief in salvation and the very power of God's grace is thus negated as any encouragement to reach out courageously and boldly and offer their light to others- as Christ taught- sadly disappears. If people do not believe that their faith is strong enough to lead them home safely, how can they possibly lend direction to others whom they believe need to be 'saved' and why should we listen to them and share their beliefs? The entire structure of supposed Christian faith collapses here! Only true spiritual salvation or enlightenment can become a source of 'non-judgmental' judgment to both interpret the world's challenges and find paths through it. A believer is deprived of these tools if he or she does not engage the world from the point of view of the Spirit within. We are either free, or not. We are either capable of salvation, or not. God is either great, or not. This reminds me of Nietzche, where Christianity is set up as a mentality of victimhood, rather than victory:

"Christianity gave Eros poison to drink, however he did not die but rather disintegrated into a vice!"

And Milton too-

" "


Paul in II Chronicles-

so... check out La Cazzaria (Book of the Cock), 1525
by Antonio Vignali
check out the Intro of the book edited and translated by Ian Patrick Moulton
Routledge, 2003*

*extra bit/Every Sperm Is Sacred-

Because sodomites make their naturally fertile bodies infertile, Dante places them next to the usurers, who by lending money at interest made infertile metal breed. There are few activities more dissimilar to the modern mind than buggery and banking, but for Dante and other medieval theologians, the two sins were related in their perversion of God's gift of fertility. Arsiccio responds in this passage regarding homosexual acts amongst the clergy:

"They want us to give up buggery, so that it may belong entirely to them, and make us take up again the cunts they have rejected and disdained. And they go on arguing it is better to fuck your mother, your sisters, your nieces and daughters-and fuck them in the most vicious way possible-as long as it is a cunt you are fucking and you are not buggering anyone. And they justify this by saying it is because when you fuck someone up the ass you waste human seed, and thus human generation may be diminished, in contradiction of the commandment, "Be fruitful and multiply." Stupid cows! They can't see that they themselves contradict it completely. Their ignorance and their love of buggery is so great that they do not see that, if this is evil, in choosing to be friars and fleeing the inconvenience of wives and the annoyance of children, they have chosen the way and the method to end an annul the human race, refusing the harsh bonds of marriage and the other things by which the number of human beings is increased and multiplied. There is no one who casts aside sperm and wastes it as much as they do, they who corrupt themselves day and night with their own strong arms. They have no room, no bed, no chamber or latrine that is not full of sperm and thus of unborn embryos. And if our doctrine is true-which I doubt, since I've seen the licentiousness of these friars-on the Day of Judgment you will see so many unfinished spirits and bodies coming out of those bordellos that Paradise will not be able to receive them all."


... Regarding all the wrangling over global warming, the environment, evolution and the various takes on these by different religions, we would do well to heed the following:

"Regardless what you may think, Nature has never left the building." Bjork

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jason & Grant For President!

Hey- your know the Ghosthunters...

They are friendly, down to earth, speak plainly, have families, are great team captains, actually work in a real, useful occupation (Roto-Rooter guys) and despite extreme fame and visibility have avoided morphing into giant media assholes. Sounds like candidate material to me. They can talk to the dead so they should be great with provoking Congress.



So the eminent New York Times home page would like to know how I plan to spend my desperate little GAP- guilt-appeasement present- of $300 this year...

Well, so much for stimulating new spending. Coming up on one year of job-searching, there is really no choice at all.

It will be spent on the $309 quarterly payment for my health insurance. At least GWB and the kindergarten Congress can cross one name off the uninsured list. 41,999,999 remaining.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Psychotherapy... 101 (in a sentence)

"As Dr. Emilie Cady once wrote: 'Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you your greater good.' If you suppress those deep desires, they have no constructive outlet and often turn into destructive channels expressed as neurotic tendencies, phobias, tension, or perhaps as suppression that finds outlet through alcoholism, mental illness, drug addiction, sexual imbalance or other negative actions." -Catherine Ponder, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Translation & Application:


"Be lonely. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person's body or emotions as a scratching post for your unfulfilled yearnings." -Elizabeth Gilbert

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Dear Barack & Hillary,
Please stop fighting like you are 7!
It is beneath you both and the dire and pressing needs of America are what should be prominant in your visions for America...
For shame- time and money are cascading away from you and we do not have the luxury of time spent on nonsense.
Thanks, The Republic

On Principle-

There is one statement I would like to hear each of the serious candidates for the Presidency make ...

Directed to the American news media- our most incompetant and biased self-appointed "fourth branch of government":

"I will answer all of your questions honestly as regards the facts concerning any policy issue, but I do not care what you think of me and if elected I will represent the needs and will of the American people solely as my own conscience and the good counsel of my advisors dictates."


Remember- " "

Oma Desala, Stargate SG-1

Sunday, January 20, 2008

"God dazzles us with an excess of truth!"

Olivier Messiaen

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dark-eyed boy
Green jungle eyes
Sculpted smile
Swims in azure ocean tides
Coastal Italian Cavalli style
Dancing under shadow
Enfolding dome Florentine
Kissed by Tuscan night and wine
Illumined by ancient stars...

HAIKU- or close to it...

Giant dino rules the world
Holds back time- chomp, chomp
Living still in layered stone

*and the view is different when looking up from shale

ABWUN, or- The Lord's Prayer Remade

In the previous entries, I have tried to suggestively link the common truth of some great spiritual thinking in an attempt to synthesize what to some might seem contradictory ideas so that we can have tools to analyze the current morass of spiritual confusion, run some truths against it so as to force some analysis of the errors, and set them right (or at least expand our vision of spirituality to encompass more of real life for individuals) so as to illuminate enough Truth to serve as an alternative to our present blindness and ignite Change. And rather than continuing to be so comfortable in a personal and communal state of extreme discomfort, let's
embrace a journey to the Kingdoms Within and abandon the false kingdom without- with it's false churches, arrogant politics, greedy corporatism and deceptive media-made society.

Unity Statement

We welcome you to Unity in Chicago this morning. In the spirit of Unity, we enfold in light and love, people of all churches and spiritual gatherings, of all faiths and all denominations, meeting throughout Chicago and around the world.
In Unity, we bless and embrace people of every race, culture, lifestyle and creed. We honor and celebrate the many paths to God, the many names for God and the many ways in which to experience God, for we know and affirm together that God, as light and love, expresses equally on every path. And especially we give thanks for the presence of God within each of us, for our ever-increasing acceptance and expression of the truth of our Unity.

Intro to Aramaic/Sung Language

New Prayer- "Abwun"- or "Our Father"

Thou, from whom the breath of life comes, focus Your light within us-
Create Your reign of unity now, helping us love beyond our ideals as Your Heavenly Domain approaches, animating the earth within us as we feel the wisdom underneath supporting all.
Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desires, as Your will comes true in the universe that vibrates and on the solid earth.
Give us wisdom, understanding and assistance for our daily needs.
Untie the tangled threads of destiny within that bind us, and mend our hearts' simple ties to one another.
Do not let surface things delude us, freeing us from what holds us back from our true purpose, illuminating the opportunities of every present moment.
For You are the watered ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment as all is gathered and made whole again, and from You comes the all-working will, the living strength to act, and
the song that beautifies all as it renews itself from age to age… spinning Your grand circle of eternal love.
Out of You, comes the astonishing Fire,
Returning light and sound to the Cosmos-
Sealed in trust, faith and truth we confirm with gratitude in our entire being.

*read this with Ravel's Daphnis & Chloe as background~*







Unity In Motion, Unity At Rest

Lessons In Truth
H. Emilie Cady

"Full of wonder is the pure illumination.
The moon's appearance, a river of stars.
Snow-clad pines, clouds hovering on mountain peeks,
In darkness, they glow with brightness.
In shadows, they shine with a splendid light,
Like the dreaming of a crane flying in empty space,
Like the clear, still water of an autumn pool.
Endless eons dissolve into nothingness,
Each indistinguishable from the other.
In this illumination all striving is forgotten."

Zen Writing-
Hung Chih Cheng-Chueh
11th-12th Century

Connecting Threads Of History...

Christianity As Mystical Fact
Rudolf Steiner
essays from 1902

from William Bloom-

"In moments of powerful beauty,
Emotions move that can melt even the thickest and most cynical of skins.
Endorphins flow. There is a release of tension.
Energies, internal and external, flow and connect.
The experience is not only soft and calm,
But it also contains the power and creativity of Nature and the Universe!
To create and work consciously with these moments of connection
Is to exercise what we might call our spiritual muscles
And our spiritual intelligence.
What do I mean by spiritual?
I simply mean that whole reality and dimension
Which is bigger, more creative, more loving, more powerful, more visionary,
More wise, more mysterious-
Than materialistic daily human existence."

There is no theology or belief system that relates to this meaning of spiritual.

The Endorphin Effect, 2001

Pennsylvania Confessional

Rounded the bend at Mt. Joy after curling off a ribbon of time…
Amish country road bending the freeway of tawdry politics
And career grief.
Sufjan* soundtrack supplying travelogue
Made a right turn for hill and dale and open quiet sky.
Morning mist wrapped me up-
Ate baked up brotherly love,
Drank all with thirsting eye.
Liberty rings silent at Freedom’s Hall
Singing waters dissolve my troubled mind
Left alone clear-eyed and high.
New hope suited well to internal and eternal journeys.
Gained some comfortable distance from my own truth I learned again-
As a hundred lighted candles glowed in windows down every thoroughfare
Welcoming new neighbors, encouraging intercourse-
Reminding me with corn fields, crumbling yet knowing brick and stone,
Even time-worn Coca-Cola signs
That simplicity has earned its claim on greatness too.
With a twist-
A star as sign on every white and pointed roof
Abandoning the modern electric charge
For magic pagan Christian truth,
Ordaining mystery too.

*Sufjan Stevens- great young songster who does cds about the 50 states- take a listen.

Copyright Chris Keith 2007

Jus keep walkin...

From "They'd Rather Be Right"
The New York Review of Books
January 17, 2008

National Review ran a recent cover story positing not only that the GOP is likely to lose the presidency in 2008, but that the loss may mark the beginning of a long period of wandering in the wilderness as the party gropes to redefine itself after George W. Bush's calamitous tenure. Ramesh Ponnuru and Richard Lowry write:

"Conservatives tend to blame their travails on Republican politicians' missteps and especially on their inability to communicate. But the public's unhappiness with Republicans goes much deeper than any such explanation. A mishandled war, coupled with intellectual exhaustion on the domestic front, has soured the public on them. It is not just the politicians but conservative voters themselves who are out of touch with the public, stuck in the glory days of the 1980s and not thinking nearly enough about how to make their principles relevant to the concerns of today. Unforeseen events could yet change the political environment radically. As it stands, Republicans are sleep-walking into catastrophe."

*Let's all hope that when they get there, they stay put!

more Patrick... w a lil MF




read a bit so that we may each be a "witty, funny and likable pilgrim on a Hero's Journey..."



Wednesday, January 2, 2008


HCescort, 20, Los Angeles'Hi! If you think I look Swedish that is because both of my parents are first generation Swedish immigrants. With my mysterious eyes, my fine naturally blonde hair and my perfect lips, I not only look like the ideal Swedish twink. I also have all of the qualities Swedes are famous for around the world. I am reserved, intelligent, melancholy, but tender hearted. My body is a flawless, lean, 6'2" dream with silky hairless skin and a big, firm, smooth, warm, delicious ass that will slide out of my tight jeans and into your waiting hands and open mouth like fresh baked bread from an oven. Maybe you would like to bury your manly face in my taut young cheeks and breathe deep the fresh, sweet smell of my tight, pretty pink asshole as you knead and slap those luscious mounds and your tongue journeys further and further into my sparking clean, secret Swedish depths where the flavor of Aryan genetic perfection will await your taste buds and stiffen your cock better than any viagra ever could. Maybe you will need to fuck my succulent hole and soil the beautiful fairytale world inside me with your mortal seed. Maybe you will need to suck my big, hard uncut Swedish cock until it fills your mouth with my delicious sperm so you can imagine the perfect blond child that your desire for my seed has deprived the world.'