"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I think that if some pride could be swallowed, and if Barack nicely asked John Edwards to be his running mate, they could deprive Hillary of the votes needed to continue and so much for the gruesome and gruelling primary season. This combo would provide a fresh breath of hope along with some strong experience. Barack has laid out a new vision of foreign policy and Edward's resonating economic platform based on the idea of the "two Americas" sync up well to restore faith in the system for all at home and credibility to our much-maligned leadership abroad. The Midwest and the South are also a powerful pairing for success. Best of all, they could seal the nomination, remove the lightening rod of Democratic failure that is Hillary when she is faced off against the radical right, and they could seem by contrast both as truer agents of change while remaining moderate enough to retain the commonsensical support of a majority of American voters. They can effectively transcend the side-tracking question of race and appoint lots of women to high-level positions. Lastly, they could save a fortune in campaign money, intelligently target the rest solely at the Republicans and force a campaign that is based on issues of real importance... far better than "who's black/who's female/who's black and female enough"- which at this stage of the game is both infantile and boring. It's also a much better counter to "who loves Jesus best," replacing offensive rhetoric with some legitimate "do unto others" ideas that translate into policies that can move America more quickly in the direction of equality, justice and general prosperity. Hopefully, when the voices of reason speak with a combined and eloquent voice, the loony fire and brimstone flag-wavers will appear ever more irrelevant with each passing day. Away with thee!

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