"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hmmm... bricks....
I had to love the pillow a bit while the bear was watching as I was lost in obsessive thoughts about licking along your shoulder blades before heading downward to other mysterious and delicious places. Must be summer in Chicago in August- or as Patsy Stone would put it "when everything is just on heat!" Tired of thinking as I have my whole life and rather just be consumed in the physical moment and BE. Head is tired, heart is hungry, soul is yearning for sublimity beyond the everyday mundane- where I usually can find the glory too-- but hard when unkempt, smelly and not extraordinary people with wet hair smelling of shaving cream and Pert+ and listening to god knows what Rhianna-like tonal sludge are too very near me. The Western slide from the "pillar of grace" as Marianne Faithfull calls it will only be slowed by a bit of the Apollonian w some Dionysian chocolate syrup on top... all of which is simply sublimation (that fucking Freud!) for the need of your scent, your eyes, the safety of your chest, the taste of your kisses, neck and your liquid heat dripping down my throat as I conjure images of what the bear and lamb will see when you are wrapped around and deep inside of me. >BOOM!!!< cxxxc Hope my iced mocha is really cold- whew! May sit there for a minute naming our offspring~~>!< Feeling very Market Days mayhem- getting my coffee at Belmont and already all about a Cesar's jumbo frozen rasp margarita!? And it's only 8:42! That or some crystal meth n a run through Byztwn to bite some cute byz on the ankles!! snap! mmmmmmm

Notable quotable o da day:

"The love of the Gods belongs to those who have given birth to truth and beauty and nourished them, and if any on earth could be immortal it is they." -Plato, Symposium

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