"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ancient Exploration...

Have to say the rain n Miles Davis'Kind of Blue is hittin it! N my $3 gourmet WFds bargain wine- lol. And yes- 'magicalness'-- I would say that in one sentence my biggest issue w life in 21st century America is the materialness- there is some magic in technology-- but we need more daily instances and embracing of "those things unseen that bring to naught the things that are!" Those are my fav words in the Bible- they just turn everything upside down in favor of the Divine! I love medieval fantasy, King Arthur legend, etc. Merlin... not as in role playing games, but for the stories. One reason I caught on to Stargate- all the complex interlacing of great myths.You will laugh, but my political science thesis was on C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy- far better though often over-shadowed by the more popular Narnia tales. Amazing deep shit that blends the Arthurian hope (old age dying, new one forming- keeping some type of Christian faith, but also embracing modern ideas of democracy- and some human love and passion!- and blends it with the idea of the redemptive power of science and exploration. I think Lewis almost pulls off something like Augustine in synthesizing Greek ideals w Christianity- logic + logos- by basically linking the transcendence through Christ in the spiritual world, to a transcendence of our physical limitations through the 'magic' of science. So for me, King Arthur and Capt. Kirk are similar archetypes...and the Doctor (Who) pokes fun at both while embracing the history, space trek and adding time travel to make it whole. All this is why I believe to my core that the lack of spiritual Unity within manifesting out into the world is our greatest ill. Hence the blog, my book, poetry- linking it all together in fullness- "of that Life which is life indeed!" But also with some activism from the point of view of the oppressed who struggle. I never appreciated Gandi's quote til recently but he pretty much got it all in:"Be the change you want to see in the world!" If I applied this to HPotter as I am thinking of it, I would have to say that I don't see the embracing of any darkness like the fundamentalist Christians accuse it of- but I do see a lack of spiritual authority. Meaning- I don't see where Harry's source of goodness is and it makes it very hard for me to embrace him as it leaves his character a bit blank and, well, anti-heroic. >discuss< Prolly more than you bargained for but I always write well in the dark and you inspired me! Yes sireee and indeed!! Ah human consciousness! No wonder Data worked so hard for it!!

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