"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Evil Lurks Before You!

I wouldn't think Lord Pious would have to moonlight at other work...
Perhaps they are in fact long lost twins?
I'll still take the Emperor any day- he even has a nice Roman name- and is honest about his agenda. I don't think he still defames the church by selling indulgences (get out of jail free cards), or barring young African women from condoms to protect them from HIV and prevent the births of babies with mouths to be left empty of food simply to build the Catholic breeding stock. They both appear to like long robes, but considering Benedict's lavish color palette compared to Palpatine's basic black, one would think he would not be the one spreading hatred of gays.
I do love my irony, but please.

Isn’t this just wicked internal terrorism denying the Lord's truth that the Kingdom of God dwells within and can flourish in ways leading to goodness without any external inquisitors?
I forget how really angry and heretical I can get when I think of how much I despise this behemoth and it's 2000+ year reign as the Great House of Guilt- destroying the souls of millions from the inside out- all the while claiming to save them. Putting intermediaries and stumbling blocks in the paths of God's children in a way that would make Jesus clear them out like the money changers in the temple! Merciful Christ, save us from thy false followers and fundamentalists of all faiths. Jesus is the exception, not the rule. He is forgiveness without condition.

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