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Monday, December 10, 2007

Unite and Conquer...

Frank Rich is usally ahead of the curve as evidenced by the op-ed below... however, I still continually wonder why so many people remain slow to catch onto the real dynamics of the presidential primary races and the underlying forces that move them. Some thoughts follow below as a beginning to my stategic assault on the unmentionables: politics, religion, sex, race and whatnot. Stay tuned for more...


... hmmmm

I suppose the time has come to face, what for me, is the biggest puzzle of American society... the either/or pathology whose subtle power influences almost evrything we think, say, do and don't do. While worlds of books could be written to address the many individual feeding pipes into this unsavory cauldron (stay tuned for one from your blogger!), it comes down to one multi-headed hydra of a question:

Why oh why oh why must different belief systems be mutually exclusive? Why can't the reed bend and why can't we have some of the best of all possible worlds in politics, faith, love, work and Life?

It may partly be laziness, or bigotry, or confusion, or stress or fear- but this white, Christian, gay, spiritually-oriented, art, sci-fi and music loving humanitarian and citizen of the world writer sees no credible or justifiable reason why each citizen cannot enfold enough experiences, beliefs and values within to transcend pettiness and find their "higher selves," while simultaneously interfacing socially for the betterment of each other, country, world and Universe? If I am missing something, I stand open for advice and argumentation, but consider this as I make a case for 21st. century wellbeing...

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