"Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will bore through to get there."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday thoughts...

On this blog, search Abwun- my Lord's Prayer- and in that entry beneath it is a lil paragraph which is the Unity Statement: "God's light and love express equally on all paths..." That one really gets the fundamentalists agitated! But it's really a beautiful idea that would have saved me yrs o grief growing up- the idea of being a Christian connecting us to the wholeness of God- not just being some separate, persecuted, self-righteous group of angry believers locked in our own lil cave- which was my upbringing. It is what Paul says in Ephesians: "My prayer is that you would know the depth and breadth and width and height of God's love through Christ." He is using Greek geometry and Socratic philosophy to actually remove us from the box, the cave and our own conceits!

Unity is much more about the empty tomb and the resurrection and transformation of self into "a new creature." What develops for them is the idea that sin is not just bad things we do for which we should feel guilt, but rather the punishment is being outside the Christ Mind while doing anything so that sin merely (some physics now) = the absence of a sense of God. Sin is nothing and we want, need and deserve everything in Spirit. More humorously, Sin for a true believer is just Self Imposed Nonsense. The idea of sin in itself is its own stumbling block, the beam in the eye of our own consciousness which should be the tiny speck only- our warning light when we are moving out of God's orbit, not a fiery hellish supernova buring forever to consume us! That all brings the collective focus- esp for the young- onto destruction and away from the all-empowering concept of creation. We can lose the sense of it for moments, but the fullness of God as Cady says is always there for us to tap into- the ever-flowing crystaline blue bubbling fountain of pure Spirit and substance.
All is in Divine Order simply because there is nothing but the Divine! It's the Kaballah idea of the 99% which matters not or Soren Kierkegaard's of "the alongside world"- it's the Divine Paradox of what is the most physically manifest paling completely next to the 1% of pure Spirit, or the "infinite passion of inwardness" or pure intention. To steal a bit from Immanuel Kant, "I Believe, therefore I AM!"

We do not remain sinful or unclean or imperfect inherently. The idea of judgment preached by the zealots actually distorts this reality by telling us we are not, or cannot, access the Divine wellspring of Grace- taking us farther, not bringing us closer, to the Creator. Judgment diminishes our personal connection to God, focuses on his absence rather than his constant living and loving presence and that is why I consider the act of judgment itself the purest definition of sinning. Paul in Corinthians has kept me in the fold many times over the years- with regard to the gay issue as well- with the most powerful words in scripture which many religious people do not still grasp: "For who save God knowest the spirit of the person within him that he may instruct him?" And later: "God hath chosen the foolish things of the world, and yea, the simple things, and things with no real existence at all to explode the pretensions of the things that are- that no one may boast (of their own supposed goodness) in the presence of God." Paul the ever-logical Jewish Greek takes it back to the center of belief- self-examined individuals and their inner-intentionality, humility, and FAITH. All of which is a powerful political force knowing that if others can't judge your soul accurately, they should not have temporal power over your physical body either- but that's for the next treatise...

How's that for you Sunday sermon? I challenge anybody to do battle w me in the realm of Faith & Freedom! Hillsdale College taught me well- if only they still believed it too!

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Porno OverLOAD...

Diminishes luvin ur otha!

"America has simply become a nation of impossibly lazy cooch potatoes!"

-Bill Maher